Weekly Horoscope

(12 Jun - 19 Jun)

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
Open your heart, Aquarius! It's not like you'll have a choice. This Tuesday, July 4 romantic Venus gallops into Gemini and your passionate fifth house, cranking up your love jones for the rest of the month. Since you're going along for the ride anyway, you might as well enjoy it instead of resisting it or acting all detached and "logical" about everything. The fifth house rules all things playful, flirty, creative and fun, so let your guard down and see where the winds of love lead you. If you're in a LTR, here's a chance to bring that "new relationship energy" back and revive the magic. If you're single, this is prime time for getting out there—you'll meet intriguing (and available) people wherever you go—so don't be shy about chatting up friendly strangers. You could literally bump into your summer love on the dance floor or in line for drinks on the beach. Don't fast-forward into the future. Just enjoy this for what it is right now. With Venus peacocking in this part of your chart, you may go for some radical style shifts over the next few weeks. Find a few head-turning pieces and relish the attention. This is also an excellent time—in between dates and summer soirees—to pour yourself into a creative project that's been simmering on the back burner. Artistic Venus flourishes in your innovative fifth house; if anything, you may have so much inspiration that you don't know how to direct it. Don't worry about the finished result. Just get lost in the process and let your muse lead the way.

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)
Home is a lot more than where you hang your beach hat starting Tuesday, July 4. That day, aesthetically minded Venus comes in for a three-and-a-half-week landing in your cozy fourth house until July 31. You may be seized with a sudden obsession to feather (or renovate, or just majorly declutter) your nest. When you close you eyes, you may see swatches of paint colors, antique light fixtures and salvaged crown moldings. Of course, on a deeper level this could also mean that you're in the mood to settle down with someone special. All the domestic arts have special appeal now, from cooking and entertaining to redecorating to cuddling on the sofa. Of course, if you're not living in a comfortable space or have intrusive roommates, none of this will be possible. If that's the case, make your priority turning Chez Pisces into the fish bowl of your dreams. If privacy is not to be had, find it elsewhere. What a great excuse to rent a beach cottage or hole up in a romantic B&B with hiking or biking trails. Women friends and relatives are in the spotlight under this Venus transit. When you're not in your couple bubble—or getting a sore thumb from all that manic swiping—reach out to the ladies in your life. They'll be a tremendous source of support and fun for the rest of the month.

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)
Simply irresistible! Yeah, we're talking to you, Ram. On Tuesday, July 4 charming Venus shimmies into lighthearted Gemini and your curious, communicative third house, ratcheting up your "It" factor. All you'll need to do to woo between now and July 31 is open your mouth. People won't even know what hit 'em! But if you're playing for keeps—or MAYBE for keeps—dial it down so you don't wind up with a flock of hopefuls that you need to disappoint. Since being direct is the Aries way, be candid about what you want and what you need. If you're only in the mood for a casual summer fling, just be honest about that. Leading someone on is bad karma and could turn into a high-maintenance scenario for you. Should you fancy someone with the potential to go the distance, don't lower your standards. We send out energetic messages of what we want, so get clear before you get involved. Attached? With the love planet in chummy Gemini over the next three weeks, you'll enjoy being your S.O.'s BFF. But to deepen and balance the relationship, examine to what degree you're supporting each other's highest dreams. Preserving your independence in a relationship isn't hard for you, but even the fiercely autonomous Ram can benefit from support on the home front. And bear this in mind: Even as you're sharing your grand vision of life, don't get too attached to the specifics. Your other half might offer some brilliant suggestions that never occurred to you. This is also a stellar time to cook up a project that you can work on together, starting an exciting new chapter in your union.

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20S)
It's music to a Bull's ears! On Tuesday, July 4 your ruling planet, sensual and aesthetic Venus, slinks into Gemini and your second house of earthy pleasure and luxe-living until July 31. In a way, this may feel like a physical downshift from the lusty vibes of the past few weeks (when Venus was in your sign), but your nerve endings will be lit up in other, equally exciting, ways. In fact, all your highly refined Taurus senses will be heightened during this cycle, nudging you to indulge a bit (more than usual) on life's finer things. One way to enhance your pleasure is simply by slowing your pace and doing everything just a little more deliberately. Linger in the shower—better yet, take a bath steeped in oils, salts and scents. Stop and literally smell the roses. Deck yourself out in your softest, most opulent fabrics. Chew your food slowly and sip (not gulp) every glass of wine. And definitely tap the brakes in your romantic life. Whether you're single or attached, devote more time to planning exquisite and sense-focused dates: Go out dancing, get a couple's massage, upgrade your restaurant choices. Choose handmade and artisanal over mass-market, whether it's cheese, beer or jewelry. If you are in a LTR, remember that one of the greatest turn-ons is paying rapt attention to your partner, asking a lot of questions, and showering them with (sincere) compliments. Acknowledging and bolstering each other is part of a sustainable relationship.

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20)
Who, Moi? On Tuesday, July 4 love planet Venus sweeps into your sign, adding a whole lot of romantic sizzle to your summer barbecue season. Regardless of where the mercury's been hovering, it will rise to scorching hot at Camp Gemini for the next three and a half weeks! And whether or not you're attached, your mojo will be back to full-strength. In short, you'll be fierce and fabulous! If your self-confidence has been flagging or you've been nursing a wound, it's time to shove those thoughts to the side of the road and let your passion climb into the driver's seat. Put the pedal to the metal and, if you're single, play the dating game like you mean it. (It's the only way to "win.") Be more open-minded in your swiping or messaging. IRL, hold eye contact a little longer than you normally would, and smile at strangers. What'll help even more is having a clear vision of what you desire in a date or mate, as well as knowing what you aren't willing to put up with. Along with sex appeal that reads off the charts, you'll have spunk, so nobody's going to walk over you (or AWAY from you) without your consent! Experiment with erecting more appropriate boundaries and letting people know in no uncertain terms when they're coming dangerously close to crossing one. In a LTR? If the passion's been down a quart, start refilling. First, refuse to get sucked into silly squabbles about petty stuff. Choose to see your sweetie through the same rosy lens as when you met. Schedule date nights, just the two of you—no TV, no friends, no kids. Some Gems may be happily single, making this time more about deep platonic connections, creative pursuits, a style makeover and giving yourself the care and attention you need and deserve. Amen to that!

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)
Your inner fantasy world can be a lot more appealing than the daily grind, Cancer, especially with your imagination. And starting Tuesday, July 4 romantic Venus saunters into Gemini, kicking off her annual sojourn through your dreamy twelfth house until July 31. There's nothing wrong with getting swept away—provided you leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you can find your way back from the land of make-believe. In fact, when you give your quixotic side enough rein to activate your creativity, you start to manifest on a higher level. During this cycle, get in touch with the people and things that make your heart sing. Imagine it with all your senses. Call in what you need and release anything that's holding you back. Just never lose sight of those breadcrumbs! With Venus slipping the rose-colored glasses over your eyes, your judgment could be askew at times. Visualization is good, but be careful not to project desired qualities onto people instead of seeing them as they truly are: wonderfully messy and flawed human beings. Enhance your creativity by spending time in nature, surrounding yourself with art, poetry and music. Are you dealing with a heartache? This Venus phase can help you speed up the healing process.

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)
When charming Venus flutters into Gemini and your collaborative eleventh house on Tuesday, July 4 she sends your social butterfly wings a-flapping. After a work-focused few weeks, you're back in party spirits and ready to hit the circuit (or least toast the town with your favorite folks). Venus always brings at least a hint of romance with her, so expect some world-class flirting and, if you're single, some lines to blur with previously platonic pals. She makes just one overarching request: Lighten up! Leave the hardcore, tunnel-visioned work intensity at the office and have some fun for fun's sake. That's what Leos do best, after all! Set an intention that between now and July 31 you won't focus on the end game and will simply throw yourself into the live-for-the-moment thrills. For the most part, friendly, laid-back interactions will be much more your style than X-rated scenes—though you ARE up for some experimentation. Since the eleventh house rules technology, a trip to the toy store could be just what your nightstand drawer needs. And you might develop a crush on a quirkily cool geek who shares your love of pop culture and obscure 90s hip-hop. You might want to start taking maca or another natural energy booster: For the rest of the week (and month), when it comes to socializing, more is definitely merrier—and spicier! Parties and gatherings of the tribe become your impromptu pickup joints. Attached? Go out and do more adventurous things together. You might enjoy joining a team or going on a group vacation with like-minded and easygoing friends.

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)
Who says business and pleasure don't mix? Certainly not the love planet herself! On Tuesday, July 4 romantic Venus struts into Gemini and your tenth house of career until July 31. While she's sure to get your creative juices flowing and bring harmony to the workplace, she has a way of turning up the heat in other areas, too. You may notice some very appealing new faces at the other end of the office, or a conversation with an associate could suddenly veer into mutually flirtatious territory. Venus stays in this realm for three and a half weeks, so don't sit around scratching your head TOO long, Virgo. As you're talking about a team project or company-wide initiative, lean in a little toward the person. Casually mention where you go after work or an incredible band that's playing later this week and see if they take the bait. In a relationship? Since the tenth house rules long-term planning, ask how your S.O. would feel most comfortable talking about your future. If you're just getting involved, find out what this person's dreams and desires are. And when it's time to do the same, be thoughtfully honest. The third date is probably NOT the time to bring up ticking biological clocks, but by all means mention that you'd like to be a parent one day. Focus on what you know (or hope) are shared values and dreams, and the right person may leap on-board. Keep your guard up for bad actors, though. Because really, Virgo: Can you afford another surly misanthrope stealing your sunshine? Nope. At some point, you're going to need to talk money, so be clear about your own values—and relationship deal-breakers—before you broach the subject.

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)
All the world's your oyster—pearls included—starting Tuesday, July 4 when your heavenly helper, Venus, ambles into Gemini and your worldly ninth house until July 31. You'll be up for (almost) anything, with your intrepid zone so lit. You don't have to drop out and take a full-on gap year to do "immersive" travel, Libra. A couple weeks alone or with a fellow explorer, really connecting with the culture and nature, will be a balm to your soul. Or maybe you just need a week at the shore in a hammock, with a stack of summer fiction and your favorite plus-one. For many Libras, your wanderlust will skew heavily towards the "lust" part of the equation. You could have a wild vacation playdate with a sexy local (or visiting guest). Allow yourself to go with your feelings and don't project too far in the future. Of course, you don't need to span the globe to be more adventurous in the game of love. Dating outside your normal "types" can yield some sexy surprises. You might want to experiment in other ways, too. "Right" or "wrong" is yours to decide. Attached? Make the most of this Venus cycle with a romantic getaway. How does a cycling tour of Wales or camping trip to an amazing national park sound? Or book a staycation at a local boutique hotel. As long as you stay in adventurous—and amorous—spirits, it would be the best vacation ever! Singles shouldn't rule out long-distance relationships during this transit. Absence will make the heart (and more) grow fonder.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
Starting Tuesday, July 4 you'll be in full-on Scorpio mode, living up to your sign's reputation as the most enchanting and seductive of them all! You can thank sensual Venus for this mojo boost, as she makes her annual sojourn through Gemini and your erotic eighth house (the house associated with your smoldering sign). For the next three weeks, people will be drawn into your magnetic field. While it's a heady rush, be careful not to get carried away or abuse your superpower. Some Scorpios will enjoy this unbridled opportunity to kick off a wild summer of love. But if you're single and looking for someone to settle down with, think about the message you're sending out if YOU'RE the one who's not "catchable." Be selective about who you give your digits to, ruling IN the more reserved types who never show all their cards. Let your fierce intuition guide you to a quiet, mysterious "onion" who grows more intriguing and appealing with each layer you peel back. If your energy is flagging, stoke your own engine by making a daily commitment to squeeze in some kind of physical movement, whether walking, working out, dancing or doing the horizontal bop! Feeling connected to your own body is a prerequisite to sharing it with someone else. Since this is the realm of deep intimacy, nascent attractions could intensify now at a speed close to that of light.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
The urge to merge could strike like a thunderbolt on Tuesday, July 4 as devoted Venus flutters into Gemini and your seventh house of commitments until July 31. That said, the planet of fair play insists that things be balanced and reasonable. This extends to all your relationships, for a few weeks at least, during which time you will NOT be a happy camper if someone is slacking off. At the office, you'll insist that people turn in their work on time and that it's up to snuff. Hold business partners to the highest standards—after all, YOU always give 110 percent! When it comes to affairs of the heart, you want not just a loving mate but someone who takes the concept of partnership seriously. But don't despair if these unions aren't "perfect." With Venus the diplomatic negotiator in your camp, you'll be able to explain your position without putting people on the defensive. You instinctively know to speak in "I" language rather than the accusatory "you." (A good example: "I would love to spend more time with you during the week," instead of "You're never there for me.") And stay open to others' feedback. You might realize that you're not exactly a world-class listener 24/7 (cough). It's not about being right or winning the debate, Archer. The name of the game right now is cooperation and compromise. So catch yourself in the act of unspooling a lengthy "all about me" monologue and shift into question-asking mode.

Capricon (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
Healthy is the new sexy as sensual Venus grapevines into Gemini and your sixth house of fitness and wellbeing on Tuesday, July 4. You won't have to push (or cajole or threaten) yourself to get moving, at least not for the next few weeks, during this annual self-care high point. It will simply feel good to move your body and to nourish it with fresh organic produce and lovingly prepared meals. Some Capricorns may be inspired to make a big change in your overall routine or diet, like giving up sugar and eating more plant-based foods (always a good choice for an earth sign). With Venus in the picture, there's at least the suggestion of romance, so factor that into your choices. If you're attached, hop back onto the wellness wagon with your sweetie. It'll strengthen your mutual willpower and reinforce positive behaviors—plus it's just plain fun to work up a sweat together. You might want to join a summer league, learn to surf or challenge yourselves by signing up for an early-fall race. The sixth house also rules your professional style and organization. If the former would benefit from more of the latter, do something about it! Before Venus sashays out on the 31st, devote a little time every day to deleting a bunch of emails from your Inbox and wherever they've piled up. While you're at it, how about getting rid of, oh, a thousand photos or saving them to the cloud to free up memory and speed up your devices? Where in your home or office are you experiencing the same mess or clutter? Clear it out, Cap. When your mind is less encumbered, your creative juices flow!